Labradoodle People

Doodle Coat Types

Size full grown:
Our Doodles are very small compared to most.  The average weight is 35 pounds, and stands about 21 inches tall to the top of shoulder full grown.  As you can see throughout our website, all of them look so much larger, mostly because they have many inches of fur that makes them look stockier and taller than they actually are.  Our Dams Montana and Reagan are both 35 pounds each and the sire Ziggy is 40 pounds.
  1. F1 Generation- Labrador 50% Poodle 50% a first generation, resulting in a more smooth hair type/coat, usually wiry/ wavy.    They have little to no shed.  
  2. F1 B Generation- 25% Ladrador and 75% Poodle This is when and F-1 is bred with a Poodle.  Hair type/ coat is Curly and more Shaggy -  This is a good choice for a person with allergies, as they usually do not shed.
  3. F2- Generation - a cross of F1 and F1- usually have the same hair type as an F1
  4. F3- Generation- a cross of an F2 and F2- coats may vary depending on the amount of poodle in the mix
  5. Multigeneration- F3 or higher cross with F3 or Higher.
  6. GoldenDoodles - Golden Retriever 50% and Poodle 50%

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