Labradoodle People

About US

We live in Beautiful Port Richey, Florida.  We love our DOODLES!!  They all live in our home with us as part of the family.  Our Doodles love to go boating with us, we let them run wild on the local sandbars.  They love to play catch and fetch.  
They love to go swimming in our pool.  We also take them kayaking a lot in our bayou and down the river.  They have mastered kayaking!  I can take all three out on my kayak with me and they never flip me over.  LOL.
We also take our labradoodles hiking.  They love adventure and easily adapt to all situations.

We always have kids in the house and so play time never stops.  Labradoodles are great with kids.
Labradoodles are perfect for our family, as they are considered hypo- allergenic, because they have little to no- shedding like a normal dog.  This is perfect for us, since we have allergies.

This is Chloe, she's our oldest Dood, she doesn't have litters but loves to play with them.
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